The Finnish Research Funding Database compiles information on granted research projects

The Finnish Research Funding Database is ready to receive data from the funders. We listed the Five Key Points.

  1.      Research Funding Database is part of the national Research Information Hub

The Research Information Hub gathers information regarding publications, research data, researchers and funding decisions from multiple sources, and they can be utilized for various purposes. Research Funding Database collects information related to the research funding process from both public and private funders. The gathered information contains, for example, information about the amount and length of funding, description of the granted project, granted researchers and organizations and information about the funder and the associated call.

  1. The Hub helps to get rid of unnecessary administrative tasks

The main purpose of the Research Information Hub is to lighten the administrative burden endured by the researches. The Hub enables information entered in one system to be utilized in other systems as well. For example, publication information stored in the Hub can be used in funding applications or reporting. Furthermore, the researcher can easily discover and access different funding options thanks to enhanced visibility. The Hub also provides information about grants directly to the researcher’s home organization.

  1.    A window to the research in Finland

The upcoming public portal of the Research Information Hub – – provides free and unlimited browsing access to the Hub’s information. A comprehensive picture of the research conducted in Finland will be available for the first time. The hub offers insights into what is being researched and funded. Regardless of the funding source, domestic funding is equally discoverable. The private foundations and funds have a significant role in supporting research, and thanks to the Hub, their role will be accordingly presented.

  1.    Highlighting the impact of the research

Research Funding Database supports the evaluation of the results and impact of research funding. It lays the groundwork for the foundations to build new tools to improve existing processes and increase collaboration. Research results supported by the funding can be actually followed up, and grants can be connected to research outputs, data, researchers, and organizations. Cumulative data allows analyzing the development of research funding in Finland.

  1.       Principles of processing personal data thoroughly addressed

Each funder is responsible for their own data disclosed in the Research Funding Database. Currently, the funders either grant their funding under the condition that the information can be published or request consent from the applicant.

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